At Befa, quality control is one of our core values and we’ve made significant investments in both our staff and equipment to ensure we meet the standards the industry and our customers demand. We have a climate-controlled quality control room in our facility to ensure our measurements are accurate and consistent.

Material management:
We control quality from material. We test chemical component and some mechanical property before cutting material. If material is ok, we begin to produce them. If it is not ok, we return back material and renew to book or buy material. We supply customer material inspection report together dimensional inspection report.

Dimensions of quality management
We have a team formed by senior engineers. In pre-production, we design the most reasonable process, design high efficiency and suitable for mass production tooling, and select lost cost and good effect tools.

In the production process, we have over 10 years experience quality inspectors control quality. Often inspection, problem immediately has been improved. Quality has been controlled in the production process. We also have many inspection instruments help us ensure quality.

For each shipment, we must have final dimensional inspection.


● Auto lathe parts ● Ammeter parts ● Hydraulic parts ● Turning parts & machining parts ● Pipe fitting ● Shaft ● Milling parts ● Heat element ● Stamping parts ● Pressing parts ● Metal-forming parts ● Pallet & parts